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League Fee
Fee's For League
$25.00 NON REFUNDABLE FEE (Per season) at the beginning of the season payment can be made Via Pay Pal, Credit or Debit Card.Do not make payment until you been prompted to
League Prizes
Trophies For Winners

(1) Super Bowl Winner-will receive a nice size trophy that reads SFL360 Super Bowl Champion, their 360 tag name, the season in which they won

(2) Super Bowl Runner Up - will receive a Conference Championship trophy that reads AFC or NFC SFL360 Conference Champion, the season in which they played along with their 360 tag name.

(3) Offensive Player of the Year -will receive a trophy that reads SFL360 Offensive MVP, the season in which they won, along with their 360 tag name-**REGULAR SEASON ONLY**

(4) Defensive Player of the Year- will receive a trophy that reads SFL360 Defensive MVP, the season in which they won and their 360 tag name **REGULAR SEASON ONLY**

*No Cash Prizes For Regular seasons

*Cash Prizes Will Be Given in Franchise Season's ONLY

* And ONLY To MVP'S Of  The Franchise Seasons

* Offense & Defense MVP Will Split All Money From Trades That Season

* Super Bowl Champ & Runner Up Will Still Receive Trophies no cash

*League owner has right to terminate
any league member for any reason

                                                                                                  This is the Super Bowl Winners Trophy

                                                             SUPER BOWL TROPHY