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Game Settings
League Game Settings Goes As Followed
Quarter length: 6 Minutes

Franchise Skill Level: All PRO

Regular Season Skill Level: ALL MADDEN -If we are going threw League Daddy only

Weapon setting:  none in MADDED 10

Injuries: On

Fair Play: On

Camera View: Action Cam

Pre Game Subs: You will allow 3 minutes for your opponent to make the correct  subs after the coin flip

League Requirements
Aim Instant messenger: This is how we schedule league games and is a MUST have.It is free to download if you dont have one

Working Email Account: You must have a working email account that you check on a regular basis

Internet Connection: DSL or Cable connection's ONLY.No Dial up

XBox Live Membership: You must have your own XBox live account.You CAN NOT use a friends account to play your league games
You Must Have These To Become A SFL  Member
League Conduct
Rules On League Conduct
At NO point will any member send any kind of hateful,demeaning,or derogatory message to another league member

At NO point will any member post any kind of hateful,demeaning,or derogatory message about another league member on the League Daddy Message Boards\

At NO point will any League member quit a league game,No matter what the case

At NO point will any member post any kind of hateful,demeaning,or derogatory message they received from another league member on the League Daddy message board

Any hateful,demeaning,or derogatory message You received from any league member must be emailed PRIVATELY to the head comish at DMartin@SFL360.com

Rules On Game Disconnection
If the game is tied in the first half and a disconnect occurs then simply just play the game over.

If the game is tied in the second half then just play the second half over,Just keep the same score

If the game is tied in the 4th quarter then just play the quarter over

At any point you disconnect and it WASNT a tie game. Pick up the game from that quarter ( with the score of game before the disconnect )
or if it was at the end of the quarter start the game from that point. Please figure a way out to allow the right teams to get the ball  also do your best with the down and distance.

*If you cannot reach an agreement then contact a commissioner and we will decide what will happened. If you continue the game, we are going to take it as both owners have agreed and its out of our hands.

In Game Player Disputes
If a member is breaking a league rule during game play.Pause game and let your opponent know what rules they are in violation of.
*Handle this like adults

If issues cant be resolved contact a comish and let us know whats going on.

If no comish is available take down the score of game,the quarter  you are  in,who had ball,and the time remaining on the clock.If you continue with game then we will assume both parties worked out the dispute and it will be out of our hands

Any player who has been told what rules they are violating must be respectful and handle the issue like adults.

Any player who has multi complaints ( 3 or more) against them will be removed from league

Player Disputes During Game Play
Game & Player Stats
Game And Player Stats: Regular season only- **NOT FRANCHISE**
All game stats MUST be reorded after every league game no excuse for this.Stats are mandatory and are a big part of what keeps the
league competitive.If you cant find time or are upset after a loss to take down all your player/game stats then you shouldn't join the SFL.

All your player stats must be recorded after every league game for the category's the league has stats for.The league hands out expensive trophies to MVP candidates and by not inputting your player stats only messes up the league.

You may write down your  game/player stats and input them later on but You have 24 hours after your league  game to input you game/player stats.This means all player stats.If you guy had 1 tackle then you must input the 1 tackle.

Any member that has been found  "PADDING" stats  will be removed on the spot.

* PADDING STATS* this is when you give ANY of your player/players stats that they didnt receive during your league game.

Depth Chart Substitutions
Substitutions Guidelines
Defensive back can play anywhere in the secondary

Defensive Linemen can play at any D-Line position

Linebackers can play at any Linebacker position or Densive End

Widerecievers can only play at wideout

Tailbacks can play wr or fullback

Fullbacks can play tailback or tightend

Tight Ends can play at Wr or Full back but cannot be ran out of the fullback position
No offensive players can play on defense and vice versus unless they do so in NFL *ie D.Hester
Game Play: Offense :Regular Season & Franchise
If you pause game during game play for whatever reason other than letting your opponent know they are violating a rule,You MUST call a time out.If you do not have a time out then you must let the play clock run down to zero so you get a 5 yard penatly.If the clock is under 2 minutes in 2nd quarter or 4th you are to run out of bounds 5 yards on your next play.This will result in a loss of down and you will get a 5 yard loss on the play.

You may only flip your play 1 time during the down.At no point should you have your players running all over the screen before the ball is snapped.( this is a glitch and is considered cheatting ) If you do flip your play more than 1 time during the down you must call a time out.If you dont have any time outs then you must let the play clock run down to zero so you get a penalty.

You may only audible while at the line of scrimmage 2 times per down.You must let all your players come to a complete stop before audibling to another play.If you dont allow your players to come to a stop before audibling for the 2nd time you must call a time out.If you dont have a time out ,you must let the play clock run down to zero and take the 5 yard penalty.

You can only run time off the clock when under 2 minutes to go before half time.Or with 2 minutes to go in the game.Dont stall in between plays to try to let more time tick off the game clock.You should be at the line of scrimmage before you play clock reaches 15 sec in most cases.

You may run the no huddle offense when under 2 minutes left in 2nd quarter or 2 minutes left in game.You can not run the no huddle after
a incomplete pass or if you have ran out of bounds.No more than 3 hurry up in a row and  as long as you didnt go out of bounds or throw a incomplete pass

You can  take controll of your WR/TE/RB to manually catch a pass.However - once you take contoll of your WR/TE/RB  while ball is in the air you must stay on their  route.You may NOT swerve them,bump into the defender,or head towards the sidel line then back in to make the catch.If you do any of these things you must punt the ball to your opponent on the next play.

Should only be used inside the 10 yardline ( when about to score ) Or any place on the field where its 3rd or 4th and less then 2

You may go for it on 4th down when
Your across your opponents 40 yard line
If your down by 20 points or more half way threw the 3rd quarter
If your down at any point in the 4th quarter
If your inside your opponents 10 yard line ( even if you are in lead )

If the game is out of reach ( in the 4th) and you have your opponents number,DO NOT try to run up the score.Be respectful and take pride
in the fact that you are better than your opponent on this day.However- if you have a commanding lead and your opponent keeps passing
the ball   and you get a inetception by all means try to return it for a TD.If you can down the ball with under 2 minutes left in game to run
out the clock do so.

You can only go for 2 if you can cut the lead to 3,7,or 10.Or if you can take the lead by the same amount or make it so your opponent needs to score multi times to tie or win.

You may attempt a onside kick when behind in the 4th.
When down by 21 points or more half way threw the 3rd quarter

If you are  winning  by 28 points or more at any point in the game you may ask your opponent if they would like to stop.
If at any point your opponent tells you they have had enough you must grant them mercy
Any time your opponent asks to stop you will grant them mercy.
However- you may still play and finish out the game even with a lead of 28 points or more
*Mercy rule- NOT FOR FRANCHISE SEASON-However if you are winning by 28 DO NOT TRY to run up the score to PAD Stats

At NO point are you to take your QB and run him backwards (10-20 yards) after getting the snap of the ball.You may roll out of the pocket left or right as you see fit.Once your QB has rolled out you may not move him toward the line of scrimmage then backwards to confusse the A.I. If your QB has already made a move towards the line of scrimage you must then run with him.

No passing to your WR then have him pass to anyone else.Once your WR has caught a pass he must run with the ball.
No play calling with the WR pass play in it.If you do use this play you will have to punt the ball on your next down.
No direct snaps to your WR.This is a glitch in the game and you will get 1 warning.If you do use this play then on your next play you will have to punt ball.

You may call any fea flicker or halfback pass play you want as long as its not a WR throwing the ball

I cant tell you how to play your game so you may run and pass as many times as you see fit.However you must mix up your plays and do
not call the same 3 plays over and over again.You may run the same formation as many times as you want as long as your plays are mixed up and its not the same run play over and over from that formation.If you onlt have enough skills to run 3 plays then this league isnt ofr you
Paused Game During Game
Flipping The Play
Audibles At Line Of Scrimmage
Running Time Off The Clock
No Huddle Offense
WR/RB/TE To Catch Passes Manullay
Offensive Goaline Formation
Going For It on 4th Down
Running Up The Score
2 Point Conversions
Offensive Onside Kicks
Mercy Rule:
QB Scramble
Flea Flickers and Halfback Pass
Mixing Up Your Plays
Game Play: Defense
Special Teams Formations
Can oly be used for their respected situations.Do not use them otherwise

May only be used on any down inside the 10 yard line ( opponent about to score )
Any where on the field when its less than 2 yards or less
If your opponent is going of rit on 4th

You are allowed to move 1 man other than your lineman before sanp of ball such as your CB/LB/FS/SS all other movements must be done by shifts.Once ball is hiked you may switch and use any player on your D

Can NOT come out of there stance at any point until ball has been hiked.You may move any Defensive lineman left or right as long as they stay in the 3 point stance
If you use shifts and you lineman stands up you must stay on him until ball has been hiked.Once ball has been hiked you may switch to any player on the field

When on Defense/Special Teams DO NOT toggle back and forth and cycle threw all your men before the ball is hiked.
*I think you know what im talking about

Only manually move your DE  1 click towards the sidelines.The rest must be done by shifts otherwise leave him where he lines up until ball has been hiked,Then feel free to move him where ever you see fit

You may not shift your Defense more than 2 times per down.This means do not  start calling audibles and abusing the shifts to confusse the A.I. of the game.You may move your 1 CB/LB/FS/SS to the spot you want them and you may move your lineman left or right
( still in their stance )
You can only audible on Defense 1 time and thats only if the Offense has audibled 1st.If you are in the wrong Defense then call a time out and regroup

You may not blitz evey play.However  if you see that your opponent is rolling out to 1 side all the time then by all means send the blitz to stop him.I mean mix up your plays on Defense and do not use the same play over and over again.
At no point in time should you use a NANO blitz.This is when you get to the QB before he can hand the ball off.This is a big rule violation and you will be removed from league if i see a pattern.

SFL Owner has the right to change or add any rule at any point in time during the season.

Defensive Goaline Formation
Moving Men On Defense Before Snap Of Ball
Defensive Lineman
Toggle Men Before Snap Of Ball
Defensive Ends
Shifting Defense & Audibles
Right To Change/Add Rules
Each team will get 2 free agent signings per season.

Each team will be asked at the start of the season if they want to use their picks for free agent ( RANDOM DRAFT STYLE )

* When a team uses its 1st ( free agent ) pick it YOU will have to wait until ALL other members have either picked or have been asked to pick before you can select your 2nd free agent

* If you want to wait to use your 2 free agent picks that is fine,but you must wait until everyone has either picked or passes

* If you pass on your picks when asked, you do not lose your 2 free agent picks
  (You will only lose your free agent picks after the trade deadline WEEK 6)

* Remember injuries are ON So you may want to use your picking style wisely

:NOTE-if anyone signs a free agent out of turn/or try's to tamper with signing a free agent without consult of the league comish you will be removed from league immediately no questions asked.I will be able to see all the free agent signings activity threw the website 

Free Agent Signings
1. Each USER team will get 1 FREE trade per season with another USER member team

2. Each USER team will be given the option for 2 more trades PER season (3 TOTAL- 1 FREE, 2 PAID)

*Each USER will have to pay $10.00 PER trade after the free trade. ( Both Tradies )

*All money from (SEASONS) trades will be saved and distributed at season end to League MVP'S

*All money from SEASON'S TRADES  will be made threw my pay pal and KEPT there until seasons end

3. Any USER team may propose a trade to any other USER team at any point IN SEASON as long as its not past the trade deadline (WEEK 6)

4. All trades must be approved by league comish,and both USER teams must BOTH agree on the trade before trade is finalized

* At any point you may decline a trade without league comish approval if you feel trade isn't fair

5. All trades and money made for trades are FINAL,no REFUNDS or Taking back your trades

6. If any USER teams makes TRADES WITHOUT comish approval you will be removed immediately no questions asked and you will not
be refunded any of your money

7. All trades must be players ONLY,you may not trade draft picks

8. All trades must be done USER to USER no trades with computer run teams (if we have cpu playing as a team) 

NOTE: League comish has right to change or add any rules as he sees fit threw out the season.

*As the game is out longer more rules may be needed to make play fair so every USER has a fair advantage